A cellar which is designated for post-fermentation process to serve, condition, carbonating, and store the aged beer prior to packaging. This cellar is also utilized for filtering a clear beer from yeast sediment if sugars were not sufficiently fermentable during fermentation process.
*BBBE can design and manufacture this vessel vertically or horizontally with or without insulation per customer’s needs.

Major of listed features provided below:

  • Interior Shell with 2B polishing
  • Exterior Shel with #4 polishing
  • Mirror image polishing available by purchaser’s request
  • Glycol jackets with inlets and outlets on both cone and cylinder
  • Insulation on both cone and cylinder
  • CIP and blow-off arm (combined or separate by purchaser’s choice)
  • Tri-Clamp lid caps with gaskets for all ports and fittings
  • Dry hopping port with tri-clamp blocker (optional per customer’s request)
  • Pressure Relieve Valve
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Sampling Valve
  • Analog Thermometer
  • Dump port
  • 2 butterfly valves
  • Side manway with shadow less door
  • 4 stainless heavy-duty stainless-steel legs with leveling footpads
  • Full assembly of carbonation stone
  • RTD port with tubing (thermowell)

Customizations are available on followings:
–    Dimensions of vessels and size and location of ports
–    Designing and manufacturing for other applications (wineries, distilleries, meaderies, and cideries)