Mashing or steeping, which is the first step of brewing process, occurs in this vessel.By soaking the milled grains in heated water, sugar extraction (along with color and flavor extraction) as the main purpose of this activity is processed when enzymes (from the malt) break down the starch into maltose to produce wort. The key mechanical device of this process is agitator. We build mash tun with both mashing styles of infusion and decoction.

* BBBE can build mash tun as a dedicated vessel or combined with any other vessels based on customer’s needs.

Major of listed features provided below:

  • Water inlet
  • Hopper and grist hydrator
  • Steam jackets
  • Mirror image polishing available by purchaser’s request
  • US made top mounted VFD controlled mixing agitator
  • Multiple wort drains
  • Insulated and jacketed at the base and side of vessel
  • Interior welds and polished
  • Sanitary SS CIP 360-degree rotary spray ball
  • Top many with tempered sight glass
  • RTD port with tubing (thermowell)
  • 4 heavy duty legs with adjustable leveling footpaths
  • Interior LED lights

Customizations are available on followings:
– Dimensions of vessels and size and location of ports
– Designing and manufacturing for other applications (wineries, distilleries)
– Brewhouse piping
– Orientation of brewhouse vessels