Process of wort boiling, and flavor addition are managed in this vessel. This is the process where the most of chemical and technical reactions (wort sterilization, bitterness/aroma flavor, enzymatic process suspension, proteins concentration) that in brewing session occur. Best Buy Brewing Equipment designs and manufactures boil kettle with different method for heating elements: direct fired (with and without calandria), steam (with steam jackets), and electric system (with immersion heaters).

* BBBE can build boil kettle as a dedicated vessel or combined with any other vessels based on customer’s needs.

Major of listed features provided below:

  • Insulated and jacketed at the base and side of vessel
  • Immersion heater ports (on electric system)
  • Vent
  • Firebox and forced air burner port (on direct fired system)
  • Steam jackets (on steam system)
  • Mirror image polishing available by purchaser’s request
  • Interior welds and polished
  • Sanitary SS CIP 360-degree rotary spray ball
  • Top manway with tempered sight glass
  • Thermowell
  • 4 stainless heavy-duty stainless-steel legs with leveling footpads
  • Interior LED lights
  • RTD port with tubing (thermowell)

Customizations are available on followings:
– Dimensions of vessels and size and location of ports
– Designing and manufacturing for other applications (wineries, distilleries)
– Brewhouse piping
– Orientation of brewhouse vessels